What on Earth is Going on in the USA?

I accept that it’s quite possible that from the other side of the Atlantic we Europeans don’t quite understand what’s going on in the USA. Perhaps we are not best placed to comment.

That said, watching on TV news the aftermath of the result being declared yesterday, I was especially struck by two things. One protesting female Trump supporter, when invited to share her thoughts by the interviewer, replied “we don’t want our children to grow up in a communist country”. Really? Does she really believe that Biden is a communist? Does she have any idea what communism is? Over here in Europe, we might wonder what planet she is living on.

Even more disturbing was the sight of several men wandering the streets, armed with assault rifles! Nobody around them seemed especially surprised, or shocked. (I think I would have been taking cover somewhere!) One of them, when questioned by the brave interviewer, replied “I’m exercising my rights under the Constitution”. Perhaps he was. We Europeans can still be seriously worried about the future of the USA!



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