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Was Jesus Married to Mary Magdalene?

Jonathan Poletti published an interesting article a few days ago about a Gospel of Mary Magdalene found in 1896. In it he said: “the most popular use of the text proved to be by men. A series of books from the 1980s on weaved various forged documents and ‘Gnostic’ texts into a male fantasy, creating a story about Mary Magdalene as Jesus’ wife… The idea was produced by Christian imagination of Mary. To put a very sexual woman in the midst with Jesus — her role left unexplained — was just too tempting. From the book Holy Blood, Holy Grail in 1982 to The DaVinci Code in 2003, a popular idea of Mary Magdalene as Jesus’ wife took hold”.

I am a big fan of Poletti, who is doing great work at trying to get to the bottom of Christianity. On this occasion, however, I think that he is jumping too hastily to his conclusion without considering all the evidence.

Some time ago I published three articles on Medium, presenting the evidence why Mary Magdalene may actually have been Jesus’s wife. These were certainly not anything to do with a male fantasy of mine. Nor were they weaved from forged documents, since they were based on the evidence in the canonical gospels and the Old Testament.

I therefore invite readers interested in this question to have at look at those articles:

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