The Mystery of the Origin of Life

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I have been writing quite a lot recently on the subject of animism, that everything in the universe is in some sense alive, which implies perhaps that the universe itself is a living organism.

A friend of mine has just brought to my attention a Youtube video by James Tour on the subject of the origin of life. My friend says: “I agree with every word he is saying in this talk, it’s all as I thought”, and he is a University of Cambridge Professor (albeit of physics), so his opinion is worth something.

James Tour is a synthetic organic chemist, and he insists that the origin of life is a problem not for biologists, but for chemists (and don’t let any biologist tell you otherwise).

He concludes that the origin of life is an unfathomable mystery (my words, not his) for science, and he doesn’t know of any other trained organic chemist who disagrees with his arguments. I invite anyone interested in this topic to check out the video; it’s worth twenty minutes of your time. Of course, the origin of life is only a problem for those who believe that life emerged from non-life, i.e. materialist scientists. If the universe is actually alive, then there is no problem at all.



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