Is the Earth a Superorganism?

  • “The view of Earth from space brought with it… the realization that the planet as a whole may be a living being”
  • “We and the planet are all part of a single system”
  • “The whole planet appeared to be alive — not just teeming with life, but an organism in its own right”
  • Edgar Mitchell “felt a strong mystical connection to the planet”
  • “instant global consciousness”
  • each astronaut comes back “a planetary citizen”.
  • “The Universe is Mind not mechanism, the Earth is a sentient creature and not just dead mineral” (p3)
  • “We are passing out of an epoch in which we were mere observers, distinct, isolated and alienated from an infinite number of disparate things. The experience of solitude was necessary — a prelude to the imaginative vision of the kinship with all life, and of the fact that mankind is in reality one great family” (p14). (This sounds a little like Arthur M. Young’s position.)
  • “We as human beings are intimately and inextricably part of the whole of nature. In this way, we proceed to discover that Planet Earth is truly alive, a sentient creature with her own breathing, bloodstream, glands and consciousness. We human beings are integrally part of this organism, like blood corpuscles in a body. We are, moreover, points of consciousness for the Earth Being” (p15).



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Graham Pemberton

Graham Pemberton

I am a singer/songwriter interested in spirituality, politics, psychology, science, and their interrelationships.