Facebook and Censorship

(Since I originally wrote this article, I have changed the title because there has been a new development. Please read right to the end, to make sure you get the full story.)

I recently published an article on Medium, entitled ‘Materialist Science — Facts or Opinions?’, which was a response to someone else’s article, which argued strongly that there is no life after death, strongly in favour of modern neuroscience. This was therefore intended to be merely an honest, free-speech, intellectual debate.

A friend of mine shared my article on Facebook in these words: “Great new piece from Graham Pemberton questioning the validity of the Materialist Science viewpoint”.

He has since told me that Facebook has deleted his post because “it goes against our community standards”.

I wondered, what on earth is going on? What does ‘community standards’ mean in this context? That no one is allowed to question the nonsense that some scientists come out with?



My friend has since informed me that “they’ve put it back up and apologised for getting it wrong”. I don’t know what prompted that move; it is welcomed, but I still wonder why it was removed in the first place.



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Graham Pemberton

Graham Pemberton

I am a singer/songwriter interested in spirituality, politics, psychology, science, and their interrelationships. grahampemberton.com spiritualityinpolitics.com