A New Mythology for Modern Times

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Some time ago, when I was relatively new to Medium, I wrote a long series of articles on the need for a new mythology to unite humanity, in an attempt to solve the world’s problems. These did not attract much attention, perhaps unsurprisingly as I had few followers at the time. I’m pleased that three years later I have more followers and others interested in my work. I thought therefore that I would recycle them. Please see the individual lists for links to the articles. (These can also be found near the bottom of the blog index page of my website.)

There are three lists; this is the overall intended chronological order.

There is firstly an introductory section:

2. The Need for a New Mythology — part 1, the Importance of Myth

3. The Need for a New Mythology — Where Do Myths Come From?

Secondly, a section criticising various attempts to create a new mythology from the standpoint of modern science:

2. The Case Against the Enlightenment, Reason, Science and Humanism — part 1, and part 2. These two articles criticise the ideas of Steven Pinker.

3. The Mythology of Modern Science — David Christian. A criticism of his scientific vision for humanity.

4. The Mythology of Humanism and the Battle Against It. A criticism of Julian Huxley, his enthusiasm for Darwinism and Eugenics.

5. The Sacred Depths of Nature — a criticism of Ursula Goodenough’s book.

Thirdly, a section on the new mythology to come. There is an introduction, then follow:

2. The Spirituality of the New Mythology — part 1, The Perennial Philosophy, and part 2, Western Traditions.

3. Christianity and the New Mythology

4. The Return of the Divine Feminine

5. The Divine Feminine as an Aspect of Masculine Psychology

6. The Holy Spirit as Feminine

7. Psychology and the New Mythology — Part 1

8. Psychology and the New Mythology — Part 2

9. a summary of all of the above, which attempts to extract the most important points in a single article.



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Graham Pemberton

Graham Pemberton


I am a singer/songwriter interested in spirituality, politics, psychology, science, and their interrelationships. grahampemberton.com spiritualityinpolitics.com