Synchronicity — Jung or Freud?

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The Big Bang and Christianity — part 2

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This is the second article in response to one by Gerald R. Baron where he argued for the truth of Big Bang theory. In part 1 I focused on one reason (there are more) why this theory might not be true, despite there being a strong consensus for it among cosmologists.

The theory appeals to Christians, including Baron, because it suggests that the universe came into being at a precise moment, which is therefore a Creation event in line with their beliefs. He says: “It appears difficult to escape the conclusion of…

The Big Bang and Christianity — part 1

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

This is a response to a recent article by Gerald R. Baron. His basic thesis is that the ‘fact’ that the universe had a beginning, i.e. the Big Bang, has the “obvious metaphysical implication” that this creation event must have had a supernatural cause, thus a Creator of some kind. In recent articles he has revealed himself to be a Christian. I assume therefore that he readily embraces the Big Bang theory because it appears to corroborate his belief in a Creator God. …

Jesus, the Resurrection, and Josephus

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This article is part of a conversation on Medium between Gerald R. Baron and myself. The subject matter is hopefully interesting enough to encourage others to read. The central question is the resurrection of Jesus and whether we can believe in it. A peripheral question has entered the debate — was there ever a Historical Jesus? I’ll outline in what follows where we have got to so far, so there is no need to have read the previous articles. For anyone interested, however, Baron’s first article about his belief in the resurrection can be found…

Easter Without the Resurrection?

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This article is a response to a recent one by Gerald R. Baron in which he declared his belief in the resurrection of Jesus, and why this is so important to him. He believes that this is “the central and most important issue in Christianity”, and that “belief or unbelief rests on this single, crucial question”. He acknowledges that it is difficult to believe that only one person in the history of the human race has returned from the dead; the idea is bizarre, counterintuitive and of course one that violates the laws of nature. …

Skeptical Scientists and the Paranormal — Part 4, Linda Tucker and the White Lions

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This is the last in a series of articles about individuals grounded in the worldview of conventional science, but who undergo a conversion to an alternative following a paranormal experience. The first was the story of Brian O’Leary, who was a member of the astronaut programme during the 1960s. The second was psychotherapist Elizabeth Lloyd Mayer. The third was a female client of the psychologist Carl Jung (part 1 and part 2). Here I’ll tell the story of Linda Tucker.

I’m slightly stretching a point in…

God as a Turtle

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I was reading an interesting article by Gerald R. Baron recently about the origin of the laws of nature. In it he relates an anecdote in the life of the psychologist William James. After a lecture he had given, a woman presented him with her cosmological viewpoint, that we live on a crust of earth, which is on the back of a giant turtle, which stands on the back of a larger turtle, which stands on another, and so on ad infinitum: “it’s turtles all the way down”. …

Quantum Physics and Spirituality — Part 3, Fred Alan Wolf

The Ongoing Battle Against Darwinism — Moving Towards a New Biology, Part 4

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In part 1, part 2, and part 3 I have tried to establish that Darwinian evolutionary theory is not really science, but is rather the atheistic philosophy of scientific materialism, inspired by hostility to religious ideas. It is certainly inadequate to be a full explanation of life as we know it. If one starts from the prior assumption of materialism/atheism, then natural selection becomes the best, perhaps the only, explanation for the evolution of life. If the basic assumption is false, however, then other possibilities can be…

The Ongoing Battle Against Darwinism — part 3, Darwin’s Bulldog

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This is the third article in a series intended to expose the flaws in Darwinian evolutionary theory, and work towards a new theory to replace it. In the first I argued that Darwinism is not science, rather atheism posing as science, using examples of various scientists who followed in Darwin’s footsteps. In the second I discussed Darwin’s own attitudes. Here I’ll briefly mention Thomas Huxley, otherwise known as Darwin’s Bulldog, in that he adopted the latter’s theory so passionately, and defended it ferociously.

We should perhaps not call him an…

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I am a singer/songwriter interested in spirituality, politics, psychology, science, and their interrelationships.

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